Shiitake Mushrooms (Log grown)


The gills on log-grown shiitake mushrooms will be pure white and unbroken. A package of natural shiitakes will usually contain mushrooms of different colors, shapes, and sizes, and the mushrooms will have large tops and short stems. The highest quality shiitakes are grown on logs of natural oak or a similar hardwood. The grower drills holes, inoculates logs with spawn, and seals the holes with hot wax or plastic plugs. Shiitakes need sunlight, day and night cycles, and ventilation, so logs are kept under shade trees or in greenhouses with shade cloth. Some are grown inside under controlled conditions. After 6-18 months, when the whole log is colonized, it is soaked or sprinkled to produce mushrooms. Prolonged moisture combined with cold temperatures trigger the reproductive cycle.

Natural logs have strong immune systems and are disease resistant.